Our priority at the Koret Shelter Medicine Program at UC Davis is to bring experience and a scientific perspective to shelter animal care.  We encourage everyone to search through our reference library.  Simply enter the search term to see all resources available for managing some of the most common issues in animal shelters.  You can also indicate the type of documents you are interested in seeing by checking the appropriate box.

Also check out the Virtual Consultant website, a collaboration between the Shelter Medicine Programs at UC Davis and University of Wisconsin, that enables all animal shelters to assess their everyday practices. 


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Cat Portals: Order Information and Instruction for Installation

Need a simple way to make cats in your shelter healthier and happier? Installing portals between two existing cat cages is an inexpensive way to update your single cage cat housing to spiffy double compartment condos, which benefits cats by keeping food, bed and litter separate and allowing cleaning and daily care with minimum disruption. Order your portals today.

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Feline Upper Respiratory Infection aka URI

Successfully managing feline upper respiratory infection (FeURI) in a shelter setting requires much more than medical treatment of a clinically ill cat. It requires a comprehensive sheltering plan that addresses each cat's physical and mental well-being and includes an immunization plan to provide a high level of disease protection for a cat before it enters the shelter environment.

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Capacity for Care (C4C) / Magic Number Calculator

How many lives can your shelter save? The Capacity for Care / Magic Number Calculator helps you find out. This data-based spreadsheet app was revealed at the Million Cat Challenge - Where the Rubber meets the Road presentation at the 2016 HSUS Animal Care Expo. Here you'll find the calculator, plus notes on how to use it to make life better for shelter animals and shelter staff.

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