Manufactured Portals are Here

Portals are here and available for ordering from UCD Veterinary School Bookstore.

Read important info below before ordering.

Orders will be processed through our Vet School book store: Swaggie.  Portals are $65.00/each, template $50.00/each (a single template can help install many portals). Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  The bookstore can only take credit card orders over the phone, but if you want/need to pay in some other manner please call the Swaggie Store at 530-752-3369 to discuss your needs for payment.

These portals will fit in cages that have a space between cages that ranges from ~2" - 2.75" - this should be most stainless cages and most fiberglass cages. If the distance between your cages is less than 2"- contact me at  before ordering.

For more details, please refer to our information sheet Manufactured Portals: Order Information and Instruction for Installation.